Mulberri Risk Engine

AI-powered business risk modeling for worker’s compensation insurance.

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What is the Mulberri Risk Engine?

The Mulberri Risk Engine uses machine learning models to equip Workers Compensation underwriters with the information necessary to make quick and accurate decisions. With the Mulberri Risk Engine, underwriters can complement their professional judgment with an AI-powered decision engine to deliver more profitable business outcomes.

Mulberri Risk Engine provides
  • Improved efficiency with AI insights
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Embedded for frictionless sales process
  • Better outcomes due to data-driven insights

The Mulberri Risk Model

With the Mulberri Risk Engine, underwriters can make predictions for:

  • Claim Propensity

    Likelihood of an insured filing a claim in twelve months

  • Claim Frequency

    Claim repetition in twelve months

  • Claim Severity

    Severity of the claim should it occur

  • Loss Ratio

    Expected loss ratio for a given premium


  • Cloud-hosted

    Access predictions on demand from any SaaS application

  • Single & bulk review

    Analyze and score prospects one at a time or in bulk

  • API-enabled

    Use our intuitive interface or integrate via APIs

  • Easy deployment

    Easy deployment

  • Secure

    Your data is obfuscated

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