Mulberri COI Platform

Mulberri COI Platform is revolutionizing COI generation and management. Our dynamic platform has capabilities of real time policy information access, required state forms, certificate tracking, management and reporting. Our platform contributes to significant cost savings and enhanced customer experience.

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Why Mulberri COI Platform?

Mulberri COI platform solves pain points for COI generation and management

COI Challenges

  • Manual Administrative Burden
  • Lengthy Process
  • Costly Compliance Checks
  • Lag In Sync
  • Renewal Challenges

Mulberri COI Solutions

  • Self Service Capability
  • Instant COIs & Approval Workflow
  • End-to-End COI Compliance Management
  • Real Time Policy & Holder Sync
  • Automated Renewal Management

Mulberri COI Platform Highlights

Easy COI Administration

  • Eliminate paper trails and manage the certificates, cert holders and clients
  • Access library of certificates, cert holders, and clients
  • User friendly search, filters, download, print and email features

Portal for Insurance & Risk Teams

  • Automate and streamline certificate creation and renewals saving time and resources
  • Single and bulk certificates management capabilities for efficiency
  • Self-service enables clients to request COI without the need long process and human intervention

Reports & Compliance

  • Real time access to COI reports to manage your clients and business needs
  • Generate reports to track COI requests, edits to reduce errors and facilitate compliance audit checks
  • Customize certificate language for DOO, Waiver of Subrogation per compliance requirements

Who do we partner with?​

Mulberri COI is for anyone who is generating and/or managing a large amount of certificates.
  • Broker / Agency​

  • MGA​

  • Carriers

  • Agency Management Systems

  • Industry Association​

  • InsurTechs

  • Contractor Management​

  • Logistics Company​

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Mulberri COI Platform Workflow

Self Service Portal

Self Service capability provides insured to generate their Certificate of Insurance on an on-demand and real-time basis.

What our partners say

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    Mulberri COI module has transformed the way we have generated certificates. Through the Mulberri Platform's intergration and seamless automation between payroll software (PrismHr) and Workers' Compensation Master Carriers, it eliminates paper trails, emails, phone calls and multiple data entry points to a single platform that allows managing cert holders, generate certs and email certs to the PEO clients

    Daniel Opferman Chief Insurance Officer, Vensure HR